A sustainable fashion exhibition to raise awareness about the impact of the textile industry

You can already visit the exhibition that has organized in Madrid Association of Fashion Creators of Spain and the international platform Slow Fashion World, in which they present their designs 17 brands of eco-fashion, as a nod to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) ).

The exhibition is part of the Smart Fashion = Slow Fashion proposal . Madrid: Sustainable Development Objective , which is celebrated coinciding with the Fashion Week in Madrid , from January 23 to 30, and is open in El Paracaidista space (Calle de la Palma, 10).

All the designers involved, national and international, work under the guidelines of sustainable fashion and ecodesign and research, design and make a fashion that takes a step forward to alleviate the tremendous impact of the textile industry by minimizing and even canceling it.

Among the proposals that can be seen are those of national brands such as Ecoalf in collaboration with Sybilla , Laura Escribano Atelier, Parallel Dimensions, SayPlease, Susana Nakatani, Sylvia Calvo BCN , Irema, Avasan , Yanapaqi, Sidikai, Monikako kids, Sepiia; or the international Coatally , Baraa, Qaytu, Hilar, Ek Katha, Herdentier and Common Texture.

In addition, on Saturday, January 27, in the same space, there will be a day of meetings and conferences on an intelligent fashion that takes into account each and every one of the factors involved in the creation of a garment and there will be international communications with various sustainable fashion actors from different parts of the world.

It will also talk about innovation and new materials , sustainable designs, the circular economy in fashion or how to face the near future in Madrid to make effective the actions of sustainable fashion.

More information and accreditations at: letitslow@thecircularproject.com.


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